View of the woodburning oven from the food bar.
Braise has got to be one of MKE's finest...  it's the city's first Community Supported Restaurant with several levels of membership.  You can always just drop in; reservations are recommended unless you want to take your chances like my husband and I prefer at the bar or in the back at the food bar where you can see all the kitchen action.  The building is a beautiful brick ex-bowling alley just North of the Allen Bradley clock tower.  Look closely inside and you'll find elements from the bowling alley days.  My favorite being the tables up front that were created from the actual lanes.

Starting with the drinks, all is very well thought out and executed.  Mixed drinks are great classics using liquor that's been distilled by small crafters in Wisconsin.  Several liquors are infused in house.  I'm a big fan of the wine dispenser which serves up wine from the casks.  Sometimes I stop in just for the Rishi Masala chai with milk steamed in their espresso machine.

Menu changes daily so it's always an adventure.  We prefer to stick with small plates so we can try a variety. Some of my favorites were raviolo, veggie verions of lasagna, and the tarts (anything from nettles to potatoes and onions!).  My husband loves the Crispy Pig, Pork Buns and any of the soups.  And don't forget he buckets of bread and butter blend to start... they are incredible!  Several varieties of bread in there and a seasoned butter on the side.

Desserts are not to be missed.  Sweet little cakes that melt in your mouth with a sauce (the fruit ones are my favorite) and a scoop of fresh whipped cream or ice cream.  My husband loves the chocolate pots de creme or the coffee based ones.  Tarts are also winners; anything from lemon to salted caramel.

Rishi Masala Chai
Vanilla Cake w/Cherry... oh and more chai!
Rosemary Cake w/Rhubarb
Nettle Tart


08/08/2012 6:08pm


Bon Appetit agrees!... congrats Braise. I continue to enjoy your food in the restaurant and in my home deliveries! MKE is lucky to have you!


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